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Call/Text: 289-597-7676, Plastic/Cosmetic: 416-878-3134

Welcome to grand genesis health

(Richmond Hill Medical & Surgical Centre )

We offer a wide range of specialties coming from multiple health care backgrounds and a team of interactive professionals.

Our Story

Grand Genesis Health (Richmond Hill Medical & Surgical Centre) was created by a team of dedicated physicians with the idea of comprehensive healthcare in mind. What started out as a multi-specialty clinic, has now evolved into an entity much greater.
For the past 5 years, Grand Genesis Health’s dedicated team has worked very hard to build this hospital-grade facility filled with modern medical equipment. Our Facility also offers anesthesia (general, deep & local) for procedures in our endoscopy, operating, or minor surgery rooms.
Here at Grand Genesis Health (RHMSC), we believe everyone should be treated with equal respect. Respect is our core value. With respect, we are able to drive our passion for team collaboration and strive for best practices. Receiving respect from our patients also allow us to truly listen and advocate for them.

Our Vision

High Quality Care
To Generate High Quality Care that Improves the Lives of Others

Maintain Reputation
To Maintain the Reputation of Individualized Patient Care

Become Top Clinic
To Become one of the Leading Multi-Specialty Clinics in Practice

Encourage Health
To Instill a Presence in our Community and Encourage Health

Performance Evaluation
To Endlessly Evaluate and Audit our Performance for Quality Assurance