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Grand Genesis Health

(Richmond Hill Medical & Surgical Centre)

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Why Grand Genesis Health (Richmond Hill Medical & Surgical Centre)?

Multidisciplinary Services

We bring a variety of healthcare professionals together to organize and manage healthcare services, in order to meet the complex needs of our patients.

Better Healthcare

It is our mission to provide exceptional healthcare for our patients, as every patient will be treated by our excellent team of doctors and trained staff members.

Compassionate Care

Our team is dedicated to accommodate our patients in order to ensure that they are respectfully guided through every step of the way and are receiving the best quality of care.

Short Waiting Time

We are committed to ensuring short waiting times at our medical center through extensive preparation prior to your arrival, as caring for our patients is our priority.

Cosmetic & Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

At Grand Genesis Health (Richmond Hill Medical & Surgical Centre), our surgical department provides both cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgeries. Our surgeons are determined to provide compassionate care, perfection, and patient satisfaction.

Fully Equipped Medical Clinic Rental Facility

We welcome you to come and tour our facility and see if it is the right fit for you.