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Grand Genesis Health offers an orthopedic urgent care and fracture clinic. The urgent care clinic provides its services Monday through Saturday, and accepts referrals from all physicians and walk-in clinics, as well as direct walk-ins for acute musculoskeletal injury inquiries. 

With virtually no wait-time, Grand Genesis Health’s fracture clinic is intended as a quicker alternative to the emergency room for sports injuries and fractures that require assessment and treatment by an orthopedic surgeon, but do not require hospitalization. 

Our fracture clinic team consists of an orthopedic surgeon, general practitioners, physicians, orthopedic technicians, nurse practitioner, and registered nurses that are devoted to providing acute management of non-surgical fractures of the upper and lower limbs for adult and pediatric patients. Additionally, urgent cases will be seen by our team and referred to our orthopedic surgeon.

Our orthopedic department specializes in sports medicine, which offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our clinic also provides PRP Injection for all patients who require such treatment. The operating room is fully equipped to perform arthroscopy, which is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on joints, where an examination and treatment is necessary. 

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